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Do you know that Google’s #1 gets 32.58% of all organic traffic? This is 18x times more than #9 gets. It is clear that the more visitors you’ll get, the higher rankings and profit you’ll receive.
The graph

Let us show this in figures. According to the graph, #9 gets only 1,86% of organic traffic. So when you get to the Google’s top with the single keyword, you’ll get 1752% of traffic boost for that keyword.
Suppose that this keyword brings you 200 visitors a month, then getting to the first position will bring you 3504 new visitors (200*17.52=3504).
The important thing is that a smart SEO strategy will refine your results. And the proper backlinks will boost your traffic. Moreover, ROI for your link building campaign usually equals to 6 months.
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This is how one of our customers has improved his website positions with our backlinks.

Danil Netu’s website ranking has increased within 2 months of link building campaign. Right after that he experienced 240% sales boost. So he has climbed to the Google’s #2 from the second page. And finally he has reached Google’s Top in 6 months! Find out more.

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This is a simple and effective way to improve your ranking and traffic. There is no time to spare!
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